The Congregation Council and Board of Trustees


LCHope’s elected leadership is composed of two main groups, one within the other.  The Board of Trustees includes the four Elected Officers and the Lead Pastor whose primary functions includes administration, financial, staff, and property management, and strategic planning.   The Congregation Council consists of the five Board of Trustees members in addition to four ministry tenet leaders according to our mission statement, Worship, Discipleship, Reaching Out, and Loving Support, as well as a Youth Representative.  The Congregation Council’s primary work is equipping the people of LCHope for ministry and coordinating the many ministries of LCHope under its vision and mission.  Both the Board of Trustees and the Congregation Council use the Strategic Plan for Ministry as a guide for their work and planning for the years ahead. 

Each group meets monthly for caring conversations, devotions, and ministry business.  Frequently both groups read and discuss books and/or articles pertaining to an aspect of faith and/or leadership to stay in touch with current trends and thought in the life of the church. 

As of July 1, 2019, the LCHope Congregation Council is composed of:

Kathy Henson, Worship Tenet Leader

Andrea Minnich, Discipleship Tenet Leader

 Ken Dees, Reaching Out Tenet Leader

Becky Nyby, Loving Support Tenet Leader

Caitlyn Vialpando, Youth Representative

Beth Rogers, Minister of Faith Formation

Mark Berg, President*

Juli Bassman, President-Elect*

Carolyn Thomas, Secretary*

Carrie Garioto, Treasurer*

Scott McAnally, Lead Pastor*

*Board of Trustees