Sue McKnight


It all started when…

My husband, Fred, and I came to LChope in 2013 after spending almost 10 years in Arizona. We are both originally from the upstate New York area, mostly the Rochester area. Upstate New York is known for its “Snow Bowl”. There is a contest to see which city will get the most snow in one winter. Unlike the Front Range, it snows and stays on the ground ALL winter. My last winter in N.Y., there was 121 inches of snow that melted by May.

Happily, Fred was offered a position in Colorado and we were able to move here, especially since our daughter Betsy, her husband Bob and our two granddaughters live here and one more granddaughter on the way. This is one of the reasons that we chose to join LCHope. I had visited LCHope on a couple of occasions previously, after the death of my dad and then the unexpected death of my mom. No one at LCHope knew me, but I was welcomed and people were very kind and generous. LCHope felt like home.

I have only been in the position of Children’s and Youth Music Director for two years starting in 2016. I renamed the Tone Chimes to Hope Rings and began to work my mnisrty there. I continue to direct the Children’s Christmas programs as well as helping with Easter Vigils services. This year a new ministry group was started which is called Kids Choir. I am hoping to help this ministry to grow in the coming years. I also started an intergenerational Guitar class this winter. We hope to reconvene in the fall and see what direction we all want to move into.

I have held many church staff positions dealing with music throughout my life. I hope that in the next 10 years to be happily retired, spending time with the grand kids and traveling with my husband, enjoying retired life.